Instructions for Registration

• Please read the instructions carefully so as to avoid any problems on the day of the event or clarify any doubts regarding your participation.

• You can only register in this website, simply by accessing the link available at the top or bottom of this page.

• To register in this Conference, you have to create your own account in this platform.

• After you are registered, you should access your restricted area. Here you can start or consult your registration in the Conference and other activities and even the papers submitted.

• When accessing your restricted area, you can select the activities in which you would like to register. Then, click in Start Registration and check registration details and personal data. Please indicate whether you want a receipt issued on your behalf or on behalf of another entity, choose the payment options, provide the necessary information and submit.

• When you finish your registration, you will have access to information about it.

• At any time, you can check your registration by accessing the restricted area and clicking on consult or start registration for more details.

• At any time, you can add an activity in which you would like to register.

• The form of payment is by credit card and bank transfer. After your payment is received, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

• To obtain the invoice with the name and VAT number of your institution when registering there is a specific field for this request.

You can pay your registration until the due date.

• The amount that you should pay will depend on the dates of the price table. To this end, the valid date will be the submission of data from credit card and not the date of registration on the Platform. Payments received after the due date will not be considered.

• Data from your personal profile will be automatically imported into badges, certificates, book of abstracts etc. Thus, please check carefully the data provided.

There is no additional fee for the use of credit card.

•The costs of the transfer are supported by the participant.

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