XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology
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Pediatric Work Physiology Group
The European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology is a community of physicians, exercise physiologists, technicians, and students who share an interest in exercise testing and exercise physiology in children. The wide range of topics covered in past conferences include muscular metabolism, exercise physiology, growth and maturation, motor learning and disability, and physical interventions in young people.

University of Coimbra
The history of the University of Coimbra dates back to the century subsequent to the very foundation of the Portuguese nation, since the University was established in the 13th century, in 1290. Prior to this date, in 1288, a Supplication was made to Pope Nicholas IV  on 17 November 1288.  The document requested the foundation of a “General Study”.  The university is one of the main Portuguese touristic destinations. Every year the Paço das Escolas is visited by about 200.000 tourists.

Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education
The University of Coimbra aspired to create a field of study in the area of Physical Culture and Sport.  Aligned to Bologna Process, the Faculty offers an undergraduate course in Sport Science and the following masters: Biokinetics; Physical Education; Exercise and Health; Pediatric Sport Science; Leisure and Local Development.  An additional, 3rd Bologna cycle (PhD) on Sport Sciences comprises three areas of specialization: Training; Physical Education; Physical Activity & Health; Adapted Physical Activity.

Municipality of Anadia (Curia Spa Center) - 20 km from Coimbra
The XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology conference will take place in the period October 01 – 05 at  Anadia (Curia), the heart of Bairrada a well-known Portuguese wine region.  Curia born as a result of the properties of its waters discovered by the Romans during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.


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