XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology
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[1] Are you considering the participation in 2013
97% of the 2011 responders considered to attend the event

[2] What scientific topics would you like to be considered in the 2013 conference?
BASIC SCIENCES: Exercise physiology; Molecular biology; Muscle metabolism; Thermoregulation; Energy balance; Growth and maturation; Assessment and interpretation of physiological parameters; Exercise and brain; Scaling & size variation of performance; Study design & statistical methods
YOUTH SPORTS: Child athlete; Overuse injuries; Growth related injuries; Injury prevention; Strength training; Sprint training; Fatigue and testing in children and adolescents; Physiological responses to training.
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: PA & cognitive function; PA & Bone health; Genetics & PA; Built environment; Implementation studies
EXERCISE: Exercise programs & Health outcomes; Exercise is Medicine in children and youth; Physiological responses to exercise.
CLINICAL: Exercise prescription in disease; Effectiveness of exercise programs & chronic disease; Clinical exercise physiology; Longitudinal studies in childhood obesity
MOTOR: Fundamental movement skills; Motor development and levels of PA

[3] The organizers would like to contact with your opinion about the interes of the following candidate lectures (scores range between 1 and 5, respectively, "any interest" and "very interesting")
Youth Sports (4.3)
Metabolism and nutrition (3.9)
Cardiovascular and respiratory responses (3.7)
Testing young people (3.6)
Physical activity and epidemiology (3.6)
Interventional studies (3.3)
Genetics and human biology (3.1)
Physical fitness (3.1)
Disability and clinical studies (2.0)

[4] Rate your prefence about organizational decisions (scores range between 1 and 5, respectively, "any interest" and "very interesting"):
Dates: 1-5 October (3.9)
Local (4.1)
3-star hotel by 900 € (3.8)
4-star hotel by 1200 € (3.0)
Airport transfer: airport - conference (4.5)
Airport transfer: conference - airport (4.6)
Wine museum (3.8); Visit to the University of Coimbra (4.2)
Visit to vineyards (4.0)
Visit to local wine-shop (4.1)
Closing banquet (3.7)
Book of abstract: CD-format (3.9)
Book of abstract: paper (3.8)
"Children and Exercise" included in the fee (4.7)
Golf entry (1.8)
50€ Bicycle for the 5 days - optional subsequent donation (3.6).

  • Curia SPA
  • Curia Golf Club
  • Barrels of wine in cellar
  • University tower
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  • University courtyard
  • Wine Museum
  • Vineyards
  • Coimbra
  • Barrels of wine in cellar
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