XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology
Visitors: 65235
Posters: 94
Oral comunications: 44
Number of registrations: 146
Instructions for Moderatores in Oral Sessions

1 - Your presence in the auditorium 10 minutes before the beginning of the session would be appreciated.  Please, use this period for checking the readiness of the devices.  In case of troubles, contact the secretariat and a technician will solve the problem;

2 - Visit the website to confirm the number of speakers, the sequence and the name of authors;

3 - Prior to the first presentation, call the group of authors for the first line of the auditorium and explain them that they will have 10 minutes. Also explain them the procedures with yellow and red cards (see point 5).  Authors are invited to seat nearby.

4 - Moderators decide about the format:
     a) Firstly, all communications and afterwards the remaining time for questions;
     b) In alternative, questions may be addressed after each speaker.
     NOTE: two speakers correspond to 30-minute session including presentations and questions and four speakers correspond to 60-minutes.

5 - Use the “yellow card” about 8 minutes and the “red card” when 10 minutes are completed.

6 - At the end, speakers should be informed that certificates are available in the secretariat