XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology
Visitors: 65234
Posters: 94
Oral comunications: 44
Number of registrations: 146
Hans Stoboy Award

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Han C. G. Kemper
[Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam],
Shannon R Siegel, PhD
[California State University, San Bernardino]
António J Figueiredo
[University of Coimbra]


XXVIII Hans Stoboy Award
Rules for competition at the 28th Pediatric Work Physiology conference

1 - The award will be given to a young investigator who was judged for an oral or poster presentation award.

2 - The award will be based on excellence, using in part, the judges’ decision for the oral and poster presentations. In addition however, the Hans Stoboy prize will be given to the young investigator who has shown exceptional scientific engagement throughout the conference. This includes, but is not restricted to, networking and 3

3 - holding discussions and debates with delegates outside the lecture theatre (e.g. during the evening), and actively posing questions during the Q&A sessions.

4 - The recipient of the award will be negotiated by the judges. It is anticipated that judges may wish to consult senior colleagues to help identify a short list of young investigators that have ‘caught their eye’ over the course of the conference.

      - Note. While the Hans Stoboy award may be awarded to the winner or runner-up of the oral or poster awards, the recipient must have demonstrated exceptional scientific engagement during the conference. It is entirely possible that the award could be given to a young investigator who was ranked 5th for an oral or poster award, due to their outstanding engagement over the course of the conference.

5 - If the judges fail to reach an agreement, the organising chair will make the final decision.

6 - Results will be announced at the conference dinner.

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